Joanne Gennard

Home is...


'Home is...' explores the relationship between military families and their married quarters. Married quarters are homes that are rented by  military families from the Ministry of Defence.  On average military families move to a new married quarter every two to three years.


A married quarter always has magnolia walls, often with woodchip or anaglypta wallpaper.  It is possible to paint the walls but they must be returned to magnolia when the house is vacated.


Military homes are usually poorly maintained; this adds to the frustration of not living in their own home and having to move so frequently.


This series highlights the lengths that military families go to, to imprint their character on to such blank canvases, creating a veneer of their lives.   Although these houses do not belong to the occupier, it is still their home.  Military families have an overwhelming desire to personalise these houses, to make them feel  homely.

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